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End of the world


Jay Hind! @ presents Jay Hind Nights!
A night of live stand-up comedy, music, and big-screen premiere of Jay Hind's 1st International Episode

Watching IPL only for cheerleaders? Aimlessly looking at your Facebook wall, hoping to get tagged in another silly video? Finding wicked fun in seeing traffic move slowly in the opposite lane? You deserve a mid-week break.

Jay Hind!, World's First full-format late-night TV show exclusively online, presents its first ever ground-event with crackling stand-up comedy, live music, and the good ol' Sumeet Raghavan hosting Jay Hind's international episode premiere on big-screen.

Come in large groups, cheer, boo, sing, and behave like a Lok Sabha member in parliament, 'cos the First of Jay Hind Nights! is going to be a no-holds-barred party of jokes, music, wise-cracks, and general funfunfun. What more, you can win cash prizes and discounts on booze, if you sing/perform stand-up comedy at the impromptu gig. 3-minutes to each performer.

(For those who can't make sense of the world without bullet-points).

Featuring stand-up comedy performance by Jay Hind writers and Mumbai comedians Andy Reghu and Varun Grover.
Guest Star - Rajeev Nigam of Comedy Circus.
Live music by Jay Hind's 'Scrubber Band'. Will play originals, covers, and requests (only if they are in the mood)
Amateur performances (musicians, singers and stand-up comedy)
Participants get 3-minute each on the mike.
Stand to win cash prizes, vouchers, and discounts on booze. Language no bar.

Big-Screen telecast of Jay Hind's very first International Episode - BLTN (Better Late Than Never), hosted by Sumeet Raghavan. Entry Open to All.

DISCLAIMER: This programme is not intended to hurt the sentiments of communities or individuals, living or dead, and is desired to be a satirical and humorous take on all things that appear in the pages of newspapers about the world and India in general. Think of it as a living breathing cartoon -- like the ones published in newspapers. None of the words spoken in this show are to be believed to be true and you must verify all news reported on this show from an existing and responsible source. The writers, anchors and actors of this show plead insanity and cannot be held responsible for any views expressed on this show. We apologise to everyone in advance for the sad state of our wits. Please do not watch this show if your sentiments hurt easily or if you are below the age of 18. Parental Guidance is strongly advised. This is the fine print and the only fine thing about this show.